Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oral History: Interview with Pete Seagriff

Pete in his "cave," seen here with his cat, Pooh Bear.
Pete Seagriff is a retired Sergeant Major in the Marines. He was born in 1943 in Brooklyn, NY where he lived with his parents, his sister and his brother. Here he also attended Catholic School where he played sports such as track and basketball, notably the latter against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Immediately following high school he enlisted in the military. He was active in the marines for 28 years, going to many places such as Vietnam, Panama, Greece, Italy and France. He later worked at a boot camp, in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the local prison as a rehabilitation program for non-violent first offenders. He has lived the last 14 years in Georgetown with his wife Regina, who is from Georgetown, to be close to her family. Pete who just turned 70, has lived a long life filled with many interesting encounters, such as meeting Wayne Newton, and scaring marines as a drill sergeant at boot camp.
Pete and I, sitting on his favorite chair, shown in front of his many DVDs and his prized leg lamp.

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  1. Shelbs, your oral history reveals how much we think we know a person until we actually sit down to talk to them about themselves and their experiences. What a wonderful gift you've given him and us. By the way, I LOVE the picture with the kitty :) and the story about Drew Carey (around 58 min.) Thank you for sharing!