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Oral History: Interview with Kelsey Burton

Kelsey is from Winchester, Kentucky.  She grew up there along with her three sisters (Jennifer, Courtney, and Samantha), one brother (Quentin), and two loving parents.  Kelsey is a very grounded young woman, sculpted by the wisdom shared by her mom and dad.  Much of our interview consisted of advice, stories, or life lessons that her mother had shared with her.  I see much of Kelsey’s mother living through her.  Not only does Kelsey share her mother’s good advice, I can see part of her father living through her too from all of her handy fix-it skills.  She knows how to do almost anything.  She can sew, she can make food, she can jerry-rig almost anything, she can build fires, sculpt almost anything out of clay, unlock a car door when the keys are locked inside, and I have even seen her fearlessly tackle another individual.  Even though I feel like I know Kelsey better than any individual, I learned great deal more about her than I expected to.  Her life isn’t set in stone, she would like to go to grad school, but she has not chosen which one yet.  The high goals she holds for herself are inspiring and I know that she will succeed in anything that she choose to do in her life.

Oral History:Interview with Lorie Riddell by Kayleigh

Lorie Riddell is mother of two, my sister and me. The youngest of three girls as well as having two step brothers. She is still married to my dad, Michael Riddell of 28 years. She is a rambunctious women that has kind and caring center. Even though she is a entertaining person she passionate about caring and helping others. More often than not putting others above herself. Her life was influenced by her father who was involved with the Red Cross diaster team so they moved a lot when she was a child. She followed in his footsteps by going on to teach CPR and other classes Red Cross offers. She is a wonderful mom that is super caring and she is one of my best friends. I hope to be like my mom when I get married and have children. 

Oral History: Interview with Cheryl Lowe

Highlands Latin School November 2012
Cheryl Lowe (right) and Catherine Shelburne (left)
Mrs. Cheryl Lowe is a woman of many accomplishments. She has been married to her spouse for over 40 years, and they have two sons together, Andy and Brian.  They own a farm in Bardstown, Kentucky and a home in Louisville.  She wrote her own Latin textbook that became so popular she founded her own publishing company, Memoria Press, and started Highlands Latin School, a classical prep school, from scratch. She believes some of the most important things in life are education, the molding of young minds, and building character through vigorous study of the classics. At Highlands Latin School, which has become the top classical school in the nation, she has created a counter culture that emphasizes Christian morals, higher education, and a spirit of camaraderie.  

Oral History: Interview with Heather Barron

Heather Barron’s conservative upbringing in a small Texas town continues to foster her sense of self in unlikely yet certain ways. An early mentor and English teacher in Texas encouraged Heather’s curiosity, open-mindedness, and love of literature and learning, which manifests itself today in both personal and professional facets of her life. While an English graduate student at the University of Kentucky, overwhelming kindness shown to her by part-time employers Mr. and Mrs. Ball of Ball Homes led to a complete career change. Though now a Human Resources manager for Ball Homes, Heather still maintains her initial academic interests, as evidenced by the fact that she named an entire subdivision of street signs after famous authors. Heather’s curiosity and sense of adventure leads her to travel across the world, even having visited all seven continents in one year. Though confronted with multiple tragedies throughout her lifetime, Heather continues to face life with an optimistic and good-humored attitude, inspiring others to pursue their full potential and ponder life’s big questions.

Oral History Interview with Howard Siever

Rebecca and Howard Siever

                 For this oral history project I decided to interview my father, Howard Siever. From early on in his life, music has been a constant presence, whether it was in church, with family members, or in school. For as long as I can remember, my father has been playing trumpet long before I was born. He was involved in marching, concert, and jazz band throughout his school years as well as working in the orchestra of the Ringling Bros. circus in Sarasota, Florida. It was because of him that my sisters and I got involved in music as an extracurricular activity at school. He has been involved in the programs we’ve participated in as chaperone, band dad, a fill musician, and recently a volunteer instructor. Many of his family members are musical, being instrumental musicians and vocalists. The reason for choosing the theme of music for this interview is that I felt it was one way we could connect more, as one former band kid to another. It was interesting to hear about my father’s experiences and how much music has impacted his life and how it still influences his life today. It made it very easy to connect with him, not because he is my father, but as another musician. It also made me realize how much music has impacted my life and my role in my father’s story as part as his legacy.

Oral History: Interview with Dr. Terry Clark

> Interview with Dr. Terry Clark

Oral History: Interview with Kimberly Jordan

Kimberly Jordan and daughter, Lynsey Jordan

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Fall 2012 Oral History Projects

Hello, the Fall 2012 Oral History projects will begin in late October and posted in November 2012. Stay tuned for details.