Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oral History: Interview with Peggy Bicknell

Born in the fall of 1942, Peggy Bicknell has had the privilege of truly seeing the world change around her. Growing up in Berea, Kentucky as the youngest daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher she had to work for everything that she wanted to do or achieve. Graduating High School as valedictorian she went on to become a teacher. It wasn’t long after that she married her first love, Rudy Bicknell (the couple remained married until Rudy’s passing in 2012). Together they raised three girls (Kimberly, Jennifer-Gayle, and Cheryl) while simultaneously opening businesses and procuring land all over the East Coast. Now in her mid-seventies, Peggy has had the chance to travel the world many times over and live a life that most people can only imagine.

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