Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oral History:Interview with Lorie Riddell by Kayleigh

Lorie Riddell is mother of two, my sister and me. The youngest of three girls as well as having two step brothers. She is still married to my dad, Michael Riddell of 28 years. She is a rambunctious women that has kind and caring center. Even though she is a entertaining person she passionate about caring and helping others. More often than not putting others above herself. Her life was influenced by her father who was involved with the Red Cross diaster team so they moved a lot when she was a child. She followed in his footsteps by going on to teach CPR and other classes Red Cross offers. She is a wonderful mom that is super caring and she is one of my best friends. I hope to be like my mom when I get married and have children. 

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  1. Your mom's stories really reveal how caring she is and, also, tell us so much about your compassion for your sister. Thanks so much!