Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oral History: Interview with Heather Barron

Heather Barron’s conservative upbringing in a small Texas town continues to foster her sense of self in unlikely yet certain ways. An early mentor and English teacher in Texas encouraged Heather’s curiosity, open-mindedness, and love of literature and learning, which manifests itself today in both personal and professional facets of her life. While an English graduate student at the University of Kentucky, overwhelming kindness shown to her by part-time employers Mr. and Mrs. Ball of Ball Homes led to a complete career change. Though now a Human Resources manager for Ball Homes, Heather still maintains her initial academic interests, as evidenced by the fact that she named an entire subdivision of street signs after famous authors. Heather’s curiosity and sense of adventure leads her to travel across the world, even having visited all seven continents in one year. Though confronted with multiple tragedies throughout her lifetime, Heather continues to face life with an optimistic and good-humored attitude, inspiring others to pursue their full potential and ponder life’s big questions.

above: Heather in a lava tunnel during her travels

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  1. I am glad to have been able to learn about and from Heather through this interview. Thanks so much for sharing!