Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oral History: Interview with Kimberly Jordan

Kimberly Jordan and daughter, Lynsey Jordan

Dianna Snowden and Larry Snowden

Kim Jordan is a mother of two from the small town of Winchester, Kentucky. She is a quiet and introverted person, but has quite a powerful personality around those she knows best. She went to Eastern Kentucky University for Paralegal Studies and achieved an Associates Degree, but became a stay-at-home mom soon after having her first daughter, Lynsey. She was interviewed by Lynsey on her late father, Larry Snowden, who died in May of 1988 of an unexpected heart attack, only a few short weeks after Kim graduated from high school. His death resounded through her immediate family, which consisted of her distressed mother and seven-years-younger sister. The loss affected her family greatly and Kim has difficulty speaking about it, even today. She opened up with her daughter about Larry's life in this interview. Kim has had an enormous impact on Lynsey's life as a spectacular and loving mother as well as a great role model. 

Music excerpt from Ghosts That We Knew by Mumford & Sons

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  1. I appreciate that you used this format to connect with another person you've never met through your mother. Thank you for sharing your Mom's story with us.