Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oral History: Interview with Kelsey Burton

Kelsey is from Winchester, Kentucky.  She grew up there along with her three sisters (Jennifer, Courtney, and Samantha), one brother (Quentin), and two loving parents.  Kelsey is a very grounded young woman, sculpted by the wisdom shared by her mom and dad.  Much of our interview consisted of advice, stories, or life lessons that her mother had shared with her.  I see much of Kelsey’s mother living through her.  Not only does Kelsey share her mother’s good advice, I can see part of her father living through her too from all of her handy fix-it skills.  She knows how to do almost anything.  She can sew, she can make food, she can jerry-rig almost anything, she can build fires, sculpt almost anything out of clay, unlock a car door when the keys are locked inside, and I have even seen her fearlessly tackle another individual.  Even though I feel like I know Kelsey better than any individual, I learned great deal more about her than I expected to.  Her life isn’t set in stone, she would like to go to grad school, but she has not chosen which one yet.  The high goals she holds for herself are inspiring and I know that she will succeed in anything that she choose to do in her life.

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  1. All I can say is "Cheesy Ramen!" Thanks for connecting us with Kelsey and the stories of your friendship!